Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds

10 Cutest Dog Breeds You Wish You Can Cuddle With All Day

All dogs are cute, we’re sure you’ll agree! And in case you’re looking around for a new furbaby to love, we’ve gathered some of the most popular choices from our Instagram followers to help you pick. Brace yourself for cuteness overload and see which breed is perfect for you!

1. Australian Shepherd

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @kaliouraussie

With piercing blue eyes and unique markings, Aussies have it all! Australian Shepherds are intelligent working dog breeds that are eager to learn and bond strongly with their hoomans. What’s not to love?

2. Shiba Inu

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @teemo.the.shiba

Looking for the easiest dog breed to house train? Look no further! Shiba Inus are very adaptable dogs. They like to be around clean surroundings and easily pick up training commands. No wonder this dog has been named Japan’s national treasure!

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Cutest Dog Breeds
Instagram: @pixar_thecorgi

Corgis are arguably the cutest dog breed in the world! More than just good looks and fluff, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an ideal companion–loyal, intelligent, and affectionate. Trust the Queen of England to have an excellent taste in dogs!

4. Labrador Retriever

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @vesper_the_labragator

Labrador Retrievers are one of the cutest and friendliest dog breeds out there. They are an easy-going breed and an ideal family dog. They make for great playmates for your kids, too! Also, it’s clearly impossible to get tired of those cute faces!

5. Dachsund

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @mini_dachshund_dreams

Also known as the Sausage Dog, Dashchunds are arguably one of the cutest dog breeds ever! They are the perfect adventure buddy thanks to their charming personality and high energy. Whether smooth, longhaired, or wirehaired, there’s a type of dachshund for everybody!

6. Border Collie

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @maisy.thebordercollie

Famous for being working dog breeds, Border Collies are much-loved family pets. They are highly active and have plenty of energy to spare. If you want a dog that will play fetch with you endlessly, you’ve found yourself a match!

7. Golden Retriever

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @olliesgolden

Out of all the breeds out there, Golden Retrievers are consistently one of the most popular and cutest dog breeds for families! They are extremely gentle, lovable, and easy to train. Goldens love kids, cuddles, and look photo-ready no matter what. What more could you need?

8. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @harley.englishstaffy

Aren’t Staffies just super adorable?! Don’t let its tough-looking face fool you. These good-natured pups are very gentle and affectionate dogs who adore people. This dog is definitely a lover, not a fighter!

9. Samoyed

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @tansythecloud

Look at all that fluff! Samoyeds are the cutest big dog breeds known for their glowing white coat. They are a friendly, gentle, and loyal breed that makes them great and lovable pets. How can you resist not cuddling with this smol cloud?

10. Cavoodle

Cutest Dog Breeds

Instagram: @cavoodlerio

Cavoodles are a hybrid of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They are smart, sweet, adaptable and the cutest mixed dog breed that will definitely make you smile. I bet you can’t get enough of this one!

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