Pet Christmas Photos: Crazy Christmas Pets

dog christmas presents

Pet Christmas Photos: Crazy Christmas Pets That Made It To The Naughty List

These funny and crazy Pet Christmas Photos will definitely give you a good laugh and a remind you to prepare well for possible puppy shenanigans. We’ve got some crazy Christmas pets here that made the naughty list (and then were quickly forgiven because they’re so darn cute!). 

1. Eat’s Not What You Think

Pet Christmas Photos

 A dog being shamed for eating the Christmas goodies. He’s definitely not getting anything nice! He already ate it anyway. 

2. The Real Deal
Pet Christmas Photos

Who’s in the running for best dog model behaviour? This photo tells exactly what could happen in your Christmas family photoshoot if you don’t have someone there to help you.

3. Cat-astrophe Is My Name

Pet Christmas Photos

Your cat as a gift! It’s the only Christmas present you’ll ever receive… They’ll make sure of it.

4. Feline Fury

Pet Christmas Photos

Has your crazy cat ever ruined your Christmas tree? Welcome to the club!

5. Christmas Is A Snacc

Pet Christmas Photos

This doggo went scavenger hunting for dog snacks under the tree. Oops! 

6. Home Alone

Pet Christmas Photos

Oh, you thought it was a cat scratching post? No wonder it fainted! 

7. Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?

Pet Christmas Photos

I’m sure those Christmas cookies were totally delicious.

8. A Star Is Born

 Pet Christmas Photos

The Christmas Star is already up on the tree. Mr Cat is the star of everything in this house.

9. Fetch Puzzle

Pet Christmas Photos

This dog fetch meme makes total sense when you think about it from the dog’s point of view.

10. Santa Claws & Santa Paws 

Pet Christmas Photos

Will the real Santa please stand up? These two fake Santas got all the Christmas treats before the real one ever had a chance.

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dog christmas presents