International Cat Day: 8 Famous Cats Of Instagram

International Cat Day Featuring The 8 Most Famous Cats Of Instagram

It’s official – cats are taking over the internet! Insta-famous cat celebrities boast millions of social media fans. In celebration of International Cat Day this August 8, we’ve come up with a list of the 8 most famous cats of Instagram that you need to follow right now!

1. Grumpy Cat

International Cat Day

Instagram: @realgrumpycat

Meet the World’s grumpiest cat, Tardar Sauce! Grumpy Cat rose to fame with over 2.4 million followers with her permanent sullen expression which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. Too cute to resist!

2. Coby The Cat

International Cat Day

Instagram: @cobythecat

Known as “the most beautiful cat in the world,” Coby‘s big blue eyes are breaking the internet. This cat influencer is the highest-paid cat in the world and very spoiled too. Talk about cat-titude!

3. Suki The Cat

International Cat Day

Instagram: @sukiicat

Suki, the travelling cat, is probably living a better life than you! This Bengal cat proves that a little kitty like her isn’t afraid of going on big adventures. Check out her feed for the purr-fect Instagram cat captions. 

4. Coffee aka Mr. White

International Cat Day

Instagram: @white_coffee_cat

Coffee, also known as Mr. White to his 2 million followers, is one of the cats of Instagram to follow right now! This British Shorthair is more than just a pretty face – he is a cancer survivor too! Furry strong!

5. Cole and Marmalade

International Cat Day

Instagram: @coleandmarmalade

Two is better than one! Cole and Marmalade not only entertain humans with their funny videos but also educate them and help raise awareness for cats in need! These Instagram famous cats are definitely purr-fect together.

6. Venus the Two Face Cat

International Cat Day

Instagram: @venustwofacecat

Meet Venus, the most famous cat on the internet due to her two-faced features! Her face is half black and half red tabby and her eyes are heterochromatic, with her right eye being green, and her left eye is blue. This American tortoiseshell cat was born to stand out from his fellow felines!

7. Nala Cat

International Cat Day

Instagram: @nala_cat

Looks furr-miliar? She’s cute, she’s fluffy and she holds a Guinness World Record for being the most followed cat on Instagram with 4.3 million followers. Say hello to this adorable cross-eyed face, Nala.

8. Smoothie The Cat

International Cat Day

Instagram: @smoothiethecat

Meet Smoothie The Cat, aka “the world’s most photogenic cat.” This adorable British Longhair is the self-proclaimed Queen of Fluff. Well, we can’t argue with that. Posing so stunningly purr-fect for the camera!

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