7 DIY Gifts For Cats: Best Gifts For International Cat Day

7 DIY Gifts For Cats To Spoil Them With This International Cat Day

Show your fluffy friend how much you love and appreciate them this International Cat Day by making the purr-fect gift! From DIY paw balms to personalised cat tags, here are the best DIY gifts your feline friends will love:


1. Self Petting Station

Diy gifts for cats

Treat your kitty with a Cat Spa Day with this DIY Brushing Station. Create this DIY gift with an upcycle unused toiled bowl brush and a piece of plywood. Items to spoil your cat with! Nothing like a good back scratching while you’re at work or away on vacation.  

2. Pet Bowls

Surprise your fur baby with a super cute personalised pet bowl with your cat’s name. It’s the ultimate dinner accessory for a pampered cat!

3. Cat Hammock

Provide a relaxing and lounging experience for your cat by making a simple and easy cat hammock. It’s one of those DIY cat gifts that your kitty will truly appreciate.

4. Personalised Cat Tag


Show your kitty how much you love them by paw-sonalizing a cat tag. It’s the paw-some gift for your cat this International Cat Day. Get them in different colours to match their every mood.

5. Scratching Post

Show your furbaby some good ol’ purring love with an easy and affordable DIY Scratching Post that will last them for years! It’s one of those handmade cat toys they will love.

6. Pet Bandana

Want to know how to spoil your cat? Give your kitty some extra bling by personalising a pet bandana as the perfect accessory to make them stand out!

7. Paw Balm

Diy gifts for cats

Keep your cat’s paws protected and moisturized all day long with this Paw Balm Recipe. It’s the perfect gift for your spoiled cat that’s super easy to make!

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