Dog Treats: 10 Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

10 Easy Homemade Dog Treats For Your Furry Friends

Dog treats getting too expensive? If you’re looking for more ways to spoil your fur babies without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place! These 10 super easy recipes are guaranteed to induce puppy eyes–and will definitely earn you the Fur Parent of the Year Award.

1. Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Treats

dog treats

Now here’s a quick cure for zoomies! Loaded with pumpkin, peanut butter, and lots of love, these homemade dog treats can calm down your little tornadoes faster than they can say ‘woof’.

2. Bananas and Carrots Biscuits

dog treats

We bet your four-legged friend will just looove these scrumptious and healthy dog treats. If you have a pupper struggling to lose some pounds, this winning recipe should have them paw-sing for Dogue Magazine in no time. 

3. Blueberry Dog Ice Cream

dog treats

Forget puppuccinos! We have something even bigger–dog ice cream! Hotter days are coming, so we’re paw-sitive you need these frozen dog treats sitting in your fridge, waiting for your good boys and girls to gobble them up. 

4. Peanut Butter Cookies

dog treats

Since peanut butter seems to be a clear favourite among our cuddly canines, we’re giving you not just one but 3 easy peanut butter dog treats for you to try! This particular recipe is fairly straightforward: simply mix, roll, cut and voila–your pupper will be a happy camper. 

5. Diabetic Dog Treats

dog treats

Other than your cuddles, Fido doesn’t really need any more sweetness. These healthy sugar-free dog treats are so heckin’ good, he’ll be gobbling these down without any paws in between. 

6. Liver Lickers Natural Dog Biscuits

dog treats

Image Credit: Raleigh, NC Vet

Besides peanut butter, liver is also a top contender in the Canine favourites department. These natural dog treats, made of wheat germ and pureed liver, are fuss-free to prep and store. You can easily whip one out for your goodest boi. 

7. Peanut Butter Pup-sicle

dog treats

This, in our opinion, is what love looks like. Although, we are a bit unsure if it’s for his hooman or this peanut butter pupsicle! Judging from how these DIY dog treats are made, our money’s definitely on the latter. 

8. Coat-Conut Treats

dog treats

Get your pupper runway-ready with these easy DIY dog treats made from coconut and Brewer’s Yeast. Known best to improve your floof’s skin and coat, this simple 2-ingredient recipe doubles as a supplement as well as a treat!

9. Three-ingredient banana treats

dog treats

Celebrating your pup’s big day won’t be complete without dog birthday treats to share with furr-iends. These homemade dog treats with rolled oats are so fun and easy to make. Pop a couple of these into a doggie bag and you should have the perfect paw-ty giveaways. 

10. Homemade Beef Jerky for Dogs

dog treats

If you’re looking to shift Sassy Sam to a healthier diet, consider making these homemade beef jerky dog treats. Not only are they economical, you’re also feeding your prized pup premium proteins! 

Don’t forget to take photos of your ecstatic cuddle bugs! Candid snapshots of them eating are the best photos you could ever take. And while you’re considering giving them supreme pampering, complete their photoshoot with these adorable personalised dog bandanas and dog tags. They’re made to order for you in Australia and shipped fast.