Droopy Dog: 10 Cute Droopy Face Dog Breeds

10 Breeds to Tickle Your Droopy Dog Obsession

Love a floppy, droopy dog? We do too! Drool and all, we can’t get enough of these sad dog faces that just flop and droop all day. Here’s our list of Top 10 droopy dog breeds to fill your soul with all of the floppy dog love it can take. 

1. Neopolitan Mastiff Droopy Dog

Droopy Dog

Want a wrinkly dog that looks like this as a puppy? These Neapolitan Mastiffs are the most adorable puppies. They grow up to be the most loyal and scrumptious giant dogs on the planet.

2. Chinese Shar Pei

Droopy Dog

The wrinkles found on the forehead of this droopy dog are said to resemble the Chinese characters for longevity. Huh. And we thought all along is was Chinese for adorable! 

3. British Bulldog

Droopy Dog

These adorable dogs are famous for their hilariously squishy face and sad puppy dog eyes. These overgrown pups, however, are big drool machines. Best be prepared for a lot of slobbery smooches! 

4. Basset Hound

Droopy Dog

If these pups could speak, they’d probably do so in a jowly monotone. Imagine cuddling next to a lethargic, clever dog with floppy ears and stubby toes.  Your very own real life Droopy!

5. Bloodhound

Droopy dog

One of the more famous wrinkly dog breeds, the Bloodhound can smell action even from 130 miles away. It’s sad droopy looking face, though, makes you want to smother it with kisses, doesn’t it?

6. Dogue de Bordeaux

droopy dog

Don’t let the sad eyes fool you! This droopy face dog is powerful, brawny, and is also secretly a big cuddlebug. You’ll definitely fall in love with this hulking piece of cuteness–drool and all. 

7. Boxer

droopy dog

This boxer dog looks like an Andy War-howl masterpiece waiting to happen. A notoriously loyal droopy dog breed, you’ll sure be happy to have this boxer on your corner!

8. French Bulldog

Image Credit: IG @oakley_da_frenchie is wearing a Bright Star Buddies essential dog tag in Spring

Pardon this Frenchie for being unbearably cute! This squishy face bulldog absolutely loves hanging around with their hoomans.  With a face like this, they’re easily the cutest four-legged friend you’ll ever come across. 

9. Pekingese

droopy dog

Image Credit: Alex Potemkin / E+ / Getty Images

Here’s another delightful ball of fluff you just want to love forever. Sure, he looks like a miniature ewok, but the only crime this wrinkly dog can ever do is steal your heart. 

10. Beaglier

Image Credit: IG @lulu_the_beaglier wearing a Bright Star Buddies premium dog tag in blossom design

Packed with so much vigour and paw-sonality, the beguiling Beagle is clearly a favourite among all droopy dog breeds. Lulu, is a cross between the Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She’s got that a good mix of both breeds — energetic and loyal! 

Pup-sicles are nice, but a few extra treats will have them going mutts!

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