The Bernese Mountain Dog


One of the most popular dogs in the world.

It’s no surprise really! They’re big lovable dogs that just want to play and snuggle. But what should you know about the Bernese Mountain Dog before you adopt one? Here’s our short list of essential facts to help you decide if this is the dog for you.

Bernese Mountain Dog




Want to know a little background about the Bernese Mountain Dog?

The thing is… this is a working dog that has been servicing farms on mountains for over 2000 years. The breed itself does have some genetic issues as a result of not having particularly diverse bloodlines and it’s advised that people spend some time looking at the genetics of their pup before taking them home. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed dog with a very thick coat. They need between 20 and 40 mins of activity each day and love love love taking walks! Their coat needs a brush every few days to stop it from becoming matted and they shed heavily twice per year.


Is a Bernese Mountain Dog a Good Family Pet?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that this is a big dog! Weighing around 50 kilograms, this furry friend can find it difficult to remember just how big he/she is. It’s important to complete basic training with these guys from an early age as they’re just too big to have acting-up. Keep the training positive though as these guys are big softies and don’t do very well with negative vibes… they’re all about the love! Once trained and kept groomed, the Bernese Mountain Dog makes a wonderful indoor pet and really genuinely enjoys the company of their whole family. If you love a snuggle on the couch, this is the dog for you (but you might need a bigger couch!).


Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Protective?

When properly trained the Bernese Mountain Dog can do just about anything. In the event that you spend time teaching them to alert you when someone approaches your front gate, they’ll be able to do that, but as I said before… these are lovers not fighters. They’re unlikely to be vicious with strangers or other dogs because they just want to play and burn up all of that energy they’d usually burn carting stuff around on their farm.


The Bernese Mountain Dog in Summary


If you’re looking to bring a Bernese Mountain Dog into your family, we’d love to hear your story. Show us some puppy love in the comments below and we’ll get in touch.

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