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Product FAQs & Instructions

About Pet Tags

How are Premium Pet Tags made?
Our Premium Pet Tags are made from durable plastic and they're hand-finished right here in Australia. Each tag is encased in hand-poured resin, making it super tough, glossy & 100% waterproof!
How do I personalise my Dog Tag?
It's so easy and fun! Just choose your favourite design from the drop down list. Type your dog's name in the "front of tag" field. Then add your desired text to the back of the tag. You can add up to 5 lines of text - just click the "+" symbol. If you need to remove a line of text, simply click the "-" symbol. Choose a font, and a colour if applicable, and voilà! Gorgeousness! Design and order as many as you like.
How do I attach my Dog Tag?
Each Dog Tag comes with a sturdy Split Ring, which works like a standard keyring. You can also buy a Collector Clip, which makes switching out Dog Tags a breeze. Our tags can be easily attached to dog collars of all sizes.
How do I clean my Dog Tag?
If your Dog Tag gets dirty, don't stress! Rinse it off with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. It'll be sparkling again in no time.
Dog Tag safety tips.
Designed to last, our Dog Tags are made from high quality and durable materials. However, like most things in life, they are not completely indestructible. Please remember they are not a toy, so please don't allow your dogs to chew on them.
Which Dog Tag size will fit my dog?
Our Premium Dog Tags are available in three sizes - Mini, Regular and Extra Large. Our product gallery features a chart to help you choose the ideal size for your pooch, from cheeky chihuahuas to burly labradors. You may also refer to the measurements in the product description to make sure you get the perfect fit.

About Dog Bandanas

What is my Dog Bandana made from?
All of our personalised Dog Bandanas are custom-printed directly onto polyester fabric. This makes the print crisp and vibrant for years.
How do I wash my Dog Bandana?
It's so easy to keep your Dog Bandanas clean. Simply toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty and voila! They'll look new again.
How do I attach my Dog Bandana?
Attaching our Dog Bandanas to your dog's collar is super easy. Simply slide the collar through the hem opening and pop the collar along with the Dog Bandana around your pet's neck like normal. You'll be able to move the bandana around to your preferred spot on your pet's chest or shoulders to achieve maximum cuteness.
I don't use a collar, how can I attach it?
Some people love to put the Bandana on a ribbon that will fit around their dogs neck. Perfect for special occasions or for dogs that don't like collars.

About Dog Collars

What are your Dog Collars made from?
We have two types of dog collars to suit your preferences. Our Personalised Dog Collars are crafted from durable woven polyester webbing, ensuring they are super tough yet lightweight and gentle on your pet's neck. We also have soft and sturdy PU leather Dog Collars.
How do I clean my Dog Collar?
Cleaning your Dog Collars is a breeze. For PU leather Dog Collars, simply wipe them down on both sides with warm, soapy water. As for our Personalised Dog Collars, you can either handwash them or toss them into the washing machine on a cold cycle for easy cleaning.
Which size will fit my dog?
Each product page features a chart to help you choose the ideal size for your pooch. You may also refer to the measurements in the product description to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
What colour is on the reverse side of the leads & collars?
To help keep them clean, all of our collars & leads come with a black backing.

About Gift Labels

What can these Gift Labels be used on?
They can be easily stuck to all kinds of gifts and presents that will make them look extra sweet under the Christmas Tree.
What happens if I put it on crooked?
If you've placed it on lightly, then you should be able to slowly remove it and start again.

About Name Labels

Will these dog name labels work in the dishwasher?
Yes! It’s actually our preferred way to wash our personalised dog stickers. If you’ve applied your dog name labels to items with a smooth dry surface, they will be fine to run through the dishwasher. We don’t recommend applying these to items with a textured surface as this may make it difficult for your dog stickers to stick to the surface properly. If you are handwashing your labels, we recommend using a soft cloth only & avoiding abrasive cleaning items like scourers, steel wool & scrubbing brushes.
Will Wrap & Stick Dog Stickers work in the washing machine and tumble dryer?
Yes, once they’re applied correctly, they can be put through even the toughest washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off. You can even use industrial-style machines like the ones in boarding schools and nursing homes.
What materials can these dog name labels stick to?
These dog stickers are designed to adhere perfectly to smooth, rigid surfaces like plastic, glass, or metal. We don't recommend using your labels on textured or flexible surfaces like silicone, as they may not adhere correctly.
What other items can I use these dog name labels for?
These dog name labels are super versatile. Each kit has 5 different types & sizes so they'll work perfectly as labels for dog harness, dog food labels, plush toys with care tags, labels for dog treats & other items with smooth surfaces.

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