Teddy Bear Dog: Dogs That Look Like Bears

9 Cutest Teddy Bear Dog Breeds 

We’ve seen too many cute dogs but they’re really hard to resist! Especially Teddy Bear Dogs! Oh, you’ll love our list of the cutest teddy bear dog breeds. From pure breeds to designer mix breeds, they’re all absolutely adorable! 

1. Chow Chow

Teddy Bear Dog

The Chow is one of the most huggable dogs that look like teddy bears. You’d want to snuggle with them all day long!

2. Morkie

Teddy Bear Dog

This mix of Maltese and Yorkie makes them one of the cutest toy dogs that look like teddy bears

3. Teacup Pomeranian

Teddy Bear Dog

Pomeranian dogs that look like teddy bears that you can take anywhere and everywhere with you. In its tiny teacup version! 

4. Maltipoo

Teddy Bear Dog

A small dog breed looks like teddy bear from 2 of the cutest breeds (Maltese and Poodle) make a super adorable fluffy dog.

5. Schnoodle

Teddy Bear Dog

This fluffy teddy bear looking dog is a mix of a Schnauzer and Poodle! Isn’t this furry little thing so adorable?

6. Poochon

Teddy Bear Dog

Looking for small teddy bear looking dogs? If you don’t already know, most mixed with Poodles make the cutest floofs! And this Poochon — a mix of bichon and poodle is one of them.

7. Akita

Teddy Bear Dog

This Akita is one of those big dogs that look like teddy bears. So if you want a big teddy bear dog, this is one that you should definitely consider. 

8. Samoyed

Teddy Bear Dog

If you are considering getting what dog looks like a little teddy bear, a Samoyed is one of those fluffy dogs that you’ll love. 

9. Lhasa Apso

Teddy Bear Dog

What kind of dog looks like a little teddy bear? A Lhasa Apso! A loyal and protective breed that’s super cute and playful. 

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