Dog Tags For Pets: What To Write on Dog Tag

Dog Tags For Pets: Essential Info For Pet ID Tags

Dog tags for pets are not only just cute pet accessories. But these also should help pet parents to never ever be separated from their fur babies. So what to write on dog tag should hold important information that could help you find your pets in case they get lost or suddenly runoff. 

Dog Tags For Pets

What your pet ID tags should have:

  1. Pet’s Name – How else would others know how to tell you which or whose pet it is? 
  2. Address – to locate you easily to return your pet
  3. Contact Number – to reach you when your pet has been found
  4. Medical History –  any allergies or medications should be noted
  5. Pet Personality – gives people an idea of your pet’s mood and attitude when it comes to strangers
  6. Reward – encourages someone that a reward awaits them upon returning your pet
Dog Tags For Pets

BrightStar Buddies Tip:

Keep it short and simple. Of course, you may not be able to put everything on your pet’s ID tag so choose carefully and make it funny or witty, too!  

Dog Tags for Pets

Aside from those bits of essential information, you’ve got to put some personality into those tags by choosing the best one for your fur-ever babies. Customising and personalising their dog tags makes it easier for people to find their information. An easy way to send your babies back home too!

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